Friday, October 1, 2004



I did a show tonight at a club called Ground Zero. Seriously it is called Ground Zero. They could change the name but that would mean the terrorists won. It was a pretty good show. I did some new stuff thats working pretty well, which is nice. Its about how black people are different then white people. Oh that reminds me I wrote a horribly politically incorrect joke that maybe Nick D'palo could get away with.
"I'm tired of black people talking about getting restitution for slavery. Black people have already gotten restitution, it's just been one car stereo at a time"
Thats wrong.
Tonight after the show a guy came up to me with some joke ideas for me. This is always fun. One time in Albuquerque a guy suggested I use the joke "I'm so poor I've got to jerk off the dog to feed the cat." Gross. Tonight to my surprise the guy actually wanted to improve one of my jokes. My joke is. "Getting married is like getting a tattoo. It always seems like a good idea at the time..20 years later you wake up like Oh my god my wife's a bitch and I've got Sponge Bob on my ass!"
Pause for laughter. His joke isn't bad assuming he wrote it. "Getting married is like getting a tatto..20 years later you roll over in the morning and say what the hell is on my arm?" Thats not bad. It might even get a bigger laugh then mine but I really like saying "Sponge Bob" so I'm keeping it. Plus his joke is the kind of thing you would see on a coffee mug. Or a t-shirt... that I could sell after the show. Hmmm.

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