Saturday, May 29, 2004

Mitch Hedberg

I got to open up for Mitch Hedberg on Saturday. He's about as close to a rock star as you get in stand up comedy. A rock star that still plays a room that fits 250 people anyway. It was the kind of audience where just the lights being turned off at the beginning of the show got a huge ovation. At least until they realized Mitch wasn't coming out first. I felt like a lot of Mitch's fans don't go to other comedy shows. There were some teenage boys there who dressed up like Mitch did in his Comedy Central special, which was pretty amazing and a little bit weird. There was also a group of girls who had special shirts printed up for the show with their favorite Mitch jokes on them. He even took requests. He didn't ask for them, people would just yell out bits for him to do. "Pringles!" And then he'd do his Pringles joke. Odd. I had two good to very good shows which I was happy about considering no one was there to see me obviously. I might have felt a bit like a rock star myself if I didn't have to seat people before both shows. I didn't want to, but the club owner said he'd give me $50. If you don't have any "Fuck You" money, you end up working for a lot of "Fuck Me" money. As in "Fuck me, I really need $50." Mitch's girlfriend Lynn MC'd. After the second show she said to me "Good job Gabriel. You work really hard, its really sweet." Hmm. Is it good if a comedian looks like he's working really hard? "You work really hard, its really sweet," sounds like something you should say to a Special Olympics pole vaulter not a comic. Maybe I'm over thinking it. She probably meant I did a good job seating people. I could have opened for Mitch on Friday too, but I was too busy entertaining 15 people in a cafeteria at Green River Community College. I guess it's for the best though because they had to cancel the second show Friday after Mitch allegedly got high/drunk/sick/pissed at the club owner, and left before the show started. The club had to give everyone refunds. Told you he was a rock star.

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