Friday, June 25, 2004


On Thursday I had an unbelievably bad show at Tasters Wok in Lynwood. I know what your thinking."A comedy show in the lounge of a Chinese restaurant in Lynwood, how could that be bad? Well it just was. Worst show I've had in at least a year and a half. I was on stage for and one hour and five minutes and I only did about 15 minutes of material. The rest was dealing with drunk dipshits in golf shirts. Golf shirts have now replaced backward baseball caps for article of clothing I'd least like an audience to have on. Even the people that liked me at the show wouldn't shut the fuck up. I actually thought about leaving more then a few times but the promise of a fat $100 kept me from it. There is a door right next to the stage that looked awfully tempting after I was about 20 minutes in. About every ten minutes that door would open and another person who looked like an extra from a David Lynch movie would walk in and fuck up the show a little more. I didnt want to tell any jokes, I didn't want to bring the crowd back, I didn't mind the show being horrible after a while. I was reveling in it. I actually gave one of the dipshits the microphone to tell his own joke. He then proceded to tell a racist asian joke, in a Chinese restaurant! I found the ridiculousness of that to be highly amusing. Too bad in Lynwood irony is how the water tastes. I kept exchanging looks with the MC Killorn. She just had this look like "I cant believe this is happening either." I like her by the way shes new to comedy but shes got some spunk to her. I should make her take a vow of silence never to speak of the horrors she witnessed while I was on stage.
Positives from an otherwise shitty show?
1. I sold two cds to people who took pity on me. They both said the same thing to me when they bought them "Sorry about these people."
"Yeah me too."
2. My next show will be at Harveys Comedy Club in Portland in front of 250 people on a Tuesday.

Ok heres a list of terms I've heard for having a crappy show.

Eating it
Eating shit
Taking a beating
shitting the bed
Taster's Wok'ing it

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