Monday, June 7, 2004


Moorhead, Minnesota

I drove to Moorhead today. I’ll pause while you make up your own joke about a town named Moorhead…………..The Days Inn Conference Center is letting us stay for the employee rate of $25 a day until our first show on Thursday. That was nice of them. Plus they have putt putt golf. I saw Jersey Girl for a $1.50 today with headliner Art. At least it only cost $1.50. I was really relieved when Jennifer Lopez died in the movie. And then I was relieved when it was over. Even though the movie was so sappy sweet I almost went into insulin shock, it still made me miss wife and son. I hate it when that happens. When something contrived and cheesy gets to you in even the smallest way. It’s like identifying with a country song. It’s a bad feeling. Although really who doesn’t have friends in low places?

Ronald Reagan died yesterday. My first thought when he died is that one of my fellow Seattle comics Harrold Gomez just lost a joke. He has a joke about Reagan and Alzheimer. Who cares if a President died? Someone lost a quality joke in their act, that’s the real tragedy. Reagan was on my Dead Pool list, so I have 7 points now. Of course my wife had him picked too, so were tied. One year I put Flip Wilson on my Dead Pool list and he died! What were the odds? This year my wife put me on her list, that can’t be good.

I have a huge unexplainable prejudice against men who wear sandals.

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