Saturday, June 5, 2004

Minot, North Dakota

I had a pretty good show tonight and finally got on the board by selling one cd, but I’m depressed anyway. I got in a fight with my wife on the phone today. Not a big fight but somehow everything seems bigger when your 1500 miles away arguing into a phone. Then right before the show started I found out we can only stay at the hotel through Sunday. When I originally booked the show. The booker told me “Don’t worry the hotel always lets you stay as long as you want. Only one time ever have they not let the comics stay” Well make it two. Now I have four days before my next show in Moorhead. I can either sleep in the car or get a hotel and make even less money. Shit. I’m too old to pay dues.

I went swimming today. When I entered the pool I glanced at the clock. It said 1:10. I swam around for awhile until I felt like I’d had a good workout. Then I looked at the clock again. It said 1:17. Hmm. Time for the hot tub.

After the show I was talking to a waitress. Not like that you pervert. We were showing each other pictures of our kids. She showed me a family photo of her two kids. She’s white, dads black, kids are a little of both. Then she tells me he’s not the dad. There’s a different dad for each kid and he’s just her new boyfriend. That’s probably when I should have said nothing. Instead I said “Well at least they’re all the same color.”

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