Saturday, June 5, 2004

Minot, North Dakota

I’ve done two shows in Minot. One good. One decent. Everyone is poor here though I haven’t sold a cd yet. Or maybe there not poor and they don’t want my cd. I went to the movies and watched Troy today with the headliner Art Krug. It’s a turd. I found it odd that they were supposed to be Greek warriors but they had British accents. Brad Pitt didn’t sound British he sounded like a 13 year old kid trying to talk like his dad. But….he’s dreamy. There was an exceptionally drunk woman at the show tonight. She was a bad kind of drunk too. She wasn’t coherent enough to say stupid things we could make fun of. She just sort of loudly mumbled (if that’s possible) throughout the entire show. I don’t think they cut people off in Minot.

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