Tuesday, June 22, 2004


I headlined Laughs Comedy Club in beautiful Bellevue Washington this last weekend. I say "headlined" but if your the only comic who gets paid to do the show I'm not sure it's still considered "headlining." Especially if its in the lounge of a Ramada Inn.
In any event it was an ok time. Saturday was better then Friday which for some reason seems to be the way it always works. TGIS I say!
Saturdays show had a special twist for me because an old Olympia friend Tracy came to see me. She didn't even know I was a stand-up comic until she went to the Laugh's website and saw my picture. Its always a little weird to perform for people who actually know you. I prefer the laughter of strangers. It was good seeing and talking to her though, which for me is odd. Usually I don't like running into people I used to know. Maybe because the whole time I'm talking to them I'm thinking "How much weight have I gained since I last saw this person?" "Was I in a fat phase or skinny phase when I knew them?" I wish that I used to weight 400lbs then I'd look really good now. One mans before picture is another mans after.

The third time I ever performed stand up comedy. I made the mistake of inviting a friend. After the show he asked me "Do you mind if I give you some constructive criticism?"
"Well I was just going to say you should try and relax more on stage."
"Yeah no shit."

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