Sunday, June 13, 2004


Moorhead, Minnesota

Tonight is the last show here in Moorhead, and the last show of the two week trip. Thank god. I’m leaving as soon as the show is over and driving all night. I’ve got 20 or so hours to drive so I may as well get started. I’m home for two weeks when I get back. I just wish the two weeks home would seem as long as the two weeks away.
Last night we had a crowd of 40 or so people who decided to go to the comedy show instead of the Night Ranger concert. It was a decent show. I celebrated by turning my two cd sales into Miller Lite.

Today Rush Limbaugh announced he and is wife will be divorcing. She keeps the house, he keeps the pills.

Today headliner Art and I saw yet another movie. Secret Window. Johnny Depp is in it he’s dreamy. It’s a scary movie based on a Steven King story. Some Parent of the Year behind me brought their two kids both under 4 years old. Maybe they thought it would be a learning experience. “See that screwdriver sticking out of the mans neck honey?” That’s a Philips head screwdriver not a Standard.”
It pissed me off on two levels. One no one should take their kids to see a movie like that and two, it made me make a moral judgment and that makes me feel like a Republican.

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