Tuesday, July 27, 2004



So my mother in law came to the show last night. That’s the bad news. The good news is at 58 years old she was one of the younger members of the audience. At one point in the show I asked how many grandparents were in the room. I swear to god everyone except 3 people raised their hand. The show went ok considering. They weren’t easily offended they were just old. Old people don’t get a lot of things. At least I only have to do 25 minutes a night so I can do a lot of editing and still have plenty of material. One strange thing about oldsters is after the show they don’t shake your hand they hug you!
“Oh you were just great young man, just wonderful!” (HUG)
The headliner this week is Chris Warren from Spokane. He is also the owner of The Brick Wall Comedy Club is Spokane. Last time I worked in Spokane for him I talked to him about Co-Headlining next time I worked for him.
“You know Chris I headline quite a bit now”
Now I’m opening for him this week. That’s not going to help my case very much.

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