Friday, July 16, 2004



I did a crappy show at a casino in Espanola NM. I blame my wardrobe. Southwest Airlines lost my bag so I had to do the show with what I was wearing. No one is funny in shorts. On the plane I had to sit next to a man who weighed probably around 400lbs. Im not judging I weigh 250. When I sat down he said "Why do they always make the two big guys sit next to each other?" I said "I dont know" What I was thinking was what do you mean two big guys? You look like you swallowed me! No matter how fat you are there is always someone fatter. Its kind of nice really. One mans before picture is another mans after. If you weigh 200 you think "Hey at least im not 300" If you weigh 300 you think "Hey at least Im not 400." If you weigh 400 you think "Hey at least I dont need a scooter."

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