Saturday, July 3, 2004


ok new slang term for masturbation
"I just Googled myself."

I've had some more great shows here at Harvey's this week. I'm trying to record a new CD, I think its going to turn out pretty good. I am going home after tonights show so I can go to a parade with my wife and son on Sunday. Maybe I shouldn't say wife and son. Maybe I should use their names Kristi and Johnny. There that sounds more personal now doesn't it? I feel the same way about my family as Homer Simpson does about beer. They are the cause of and solution too all of life's problems. I cant believe I am going to a parade. A few years ago I wouldn't have been caught dead watching a parade. Having a child can change things. Its good for the soul to see world through the eyes of a two year old. He's going to go apeshit when he see's firetrucks in the parade. He's probably going to go apeshit when he sees the guy walking behind the horses scooping up shit too. I wish I could get that excited. I'm bored at a strip club, and hes excited watching a guy with a shovel. I think thats why people take drugs, were just trying to feel the same way we did when we were two

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