Sunday, August 22, 2004



I realized recently that if you read my blogs you would get the impression that I never have a good show. I only document the bad ones. Well today Im going to document a good one. Last night second show Saturday was probably the best show I have ever had. At least top three. Thirty one beautiful minutes. 31 minutes of straight material, no improv no crowd banter, I didn't need it. Nobody said anything! Godamnit it was amazing. Its almost enough to make me forget I haven't written anything good enough to keep in my act for months. Then as a nice little capper to the night I sold 13 CD's after the show. I rule. Also earlier in the week Russ the owner of Laffs here in Albuquerque told me next time I work here I will Co-Headline. Its kind of a weird time to get good news because recently the Rutledge family made the decision that next year Im going to get a day job and not go on the road much for awhile. Im definetly not quitting. Im going to do everything I can locally and still do a few clubs. Its a little sad for me but it has to be done. Why you ask? I need more money. Lets look a typical Gabriel Rutledge booking. I recently booked Loonies comedy club in Colorado Springs. To get that booking I sent a tape and made about 12 phone calls over a three month period. The shows are Wednesday throught Sunday, 7 shows total. I will recieve $400. I will also sell CD's I sell anywhere from 15-30something CD's in a week depending on how big the crowds are and how good the headliner is. For sake of argument lets say I sell 25 CD's in Colorado Springs. I sell them for $10. They cost me a $1.50 to make and I have to give 10% to the club. So I make $7.50 a CD. 25 times 7.50 is about $190 profit. With me so far? So CD's plus $400 dollars is $590. Of course I still have to get to Colorado Springs. After the $250-$350 dollars it will cost to fly there I will profit between $240-$340 for that week. I need a day job.

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