Sunday, August 29, 2004


I just finished up a fun filled weekend at The Comedy Underground in Seattle. Sigh. Ok first of all let me say I love the Comedy Underground. I started there. The first 20 or so times I was ever on a stage it was there. I love the people that run it too. Ok now that I've said that I can say this; the crowds this weekend were horrible. Im not saying that because they didn't think I was funny either. They did, I got good laughs sold some CD's and people liked me, but goddamn comedy is not supposed to be that hard. Bacholerette parties that wouldn't shut up. Bachelor parties that wouldn't shut up. Drunk idiots from Kent that wouldn't shut up. At the first show Saturday there was a table that during the show chewed sunflower seeds and spit them on the floor! You know like it was one of those redneck bars with peanut shells everywhere. Maybe it was just that kind of weekend. Last time I worked there it was better. Still though its a little sad. Why are the shows I do in Omaha Nebraska or Albuquerque New Mexico so much better then in Seattle? Its Seattle for god sake. Its supposed to be this hip cool city, but you wouldn't know it from the audiences I saw this week. Looking at these crowds you would think I was working the lounge in a Red Lion in Kalispell Montana. Except the show Kalispell was actually more fun to tell you the truth.
Friday nights show right after I was introduced, before I had even said one word, this table in the back starting yelling "Hey Rutledge whoo! Thats our name too Rutledge, right on there's not to many of us! Where are you from!" That's a good way to start a show, getting heckled by drunken buffoons who share your last name.
Wow your name is Rutledge too. Who gives a shit? Its not like our last name is Hounshell, or Anwar or Pilcher or even Brousseau. The headliners name was N'gaio Bealum. Now if there was someone at the show who shared that name by all means shout it out. But not for Rutledge. After the show the guy actually showed me his drivers license to prove to me he really was a Rutledge! Since he bought a CD I had to fake excitement. "Wow sure enough Rutledge! It's even spelled the same way!" Sigh.

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