Friday, August 13, 2004


I did a show tonight at the Crazy Moose Casino in Mountlake Terrace. It was the best show I have ever had in a casino, in a strip mall, next to a Curves Health Club for women. Really Im not just saying that. Its a free show thats the problem. There is something about the psychology of not paying for the show, people have nothing invested in it. They come and go as they please. They loudly discuss what kind of pizza they are going to order. They yell shit at the stage and each other. Good comedy is like good sex it should be payed for. What?

Last week I was in Iowa did I mention that? I worked with Bengt Washburn. I heart Bengt Washburn. He is a smart funny kick ass stand up comic. He makes me want to write more which really is the ultimate compliment for any comic. Of course I haven't written anymore but still I want to. On my leisurely 28 hour trip home from Iowa, I heard on the radio that most of a church youth group had died in a bus accident on their way to bible camp. That seems to happen a lot. Its dangerous to love Jesus. Its safer to be an atheist. You never hear about a van full of teenage atheists who crash on their way to Camp No Hope. I can see the camp counselor being interviewed on the news. "Well we are all really sad because we know they are not in a better place."

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