Monday, September 13, 2004



Yesterday I had a show in Harris Michigan. Thats the farthest east I have performed. Ive gotten laughs in every time zone now. Before Harris I was in Sioux City, Iowa for two days. I has good shows. Not good enough to headline next time according to the booking agent, but what the hell does he know. The headliner in Iowa was unbelievable. I dont mean unbelievably funny, I just mean unbelievable. His big closing bit he puts shoes on his knees and stands in a wooden box with holes in it,so he looks like a midget. Then he re-inacts a scene from Star Wars. But all the voices are celebrity impressions. You know John Travolta as Luke SkyWalker, Al Pacino as Han Solo, Gilbert Godfrey as Darth Vader, Marge Simpson as Princess Lea, you get the idea. Then at the end of the bit he starts singing a song from Grease along with a music track, using the voice of John Travolta. Holy Crap. I cannot compete with that. All I have is jokes. This guys got a guitar, he's got songs,he's got impressions, he's got a midget box. Yeah a midget box.

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