Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Just in case anyone was wondering, it takes a really long time to drive from Milwaukee to Olympia. Over 30 hours I think. I've blocked some of it out like all painful memories. I drove mostly at night too, which was not a good idea. There was nothing but me and the wildlife up at 3AM in Wyoming. I saw about 5 deer on the highway and actually hit a skunk. But enough trucker talk.
My last two shows of my trip were country clubs. The good news is the shows went well, the bad news is I have defenitly gained weight since the last time I wore my suit. Mmmm thanks carbs. The first time I ever performed a country club I was terrified, I am surprisingly comfortable now.(Besides my pants) Plus everyone pays attention! People drink but there not hammered. Its really pretty easy. Basically I do exactly the same act as always, but dont swear. I can do that. My parents are hardcore Christians, trust me I am used to editing myself. There is something disgusting about really rich people all gathered in the same room though. Maybe I'm jealous. Funniest visual of the trip; after the country club show going to the parking lot and seeing my filthy dead bug covered Kia, parked in between a Lexus and a Cadillac Escalade.

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