Friday, October 15, 2004


I flew back from Omaha today. I was too cheap to pay five dollars for headphones for the in-flight movie. I should have paid though because I watched "White Chicks" with no sound for and hour and a half. The woman next to me thought this was the funniest movie ever, at one point she actually spit out her ginger ale she was laughing so hard. I wish I had that sort of capacity for enjoyment. I hope to god there aren't any more Wayans brothers we haven't heard of.
On a very sad note I ended up headlining at Jokers in Omaha on Sunday because of horrible circumstances. The Headliner for the week, Jim Wiggins had one of his sons die in a car accident on Saturday night. You might have seen Jim on Last Comic Standing Two. He didn't make the house, but he was the old guy they flew into Vegas at the last minute. He's a decent human and certainly deserved better from life.

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