Wednesday, November 24, 2004


First night of the finals is in the books, after a pretty much all around crappy show at the Club Hollywood Casino in Shoreline. I got the feeling the show was added somewhat last minute, and the casino didn't do much advertising. There were around 30 or so audience members a lot of whom were sitting at the bar. It was pretty much your typical Tuesday night casino gig, except we are competing in the 25th annual Seattle International Comedy Competition. Oh well plenty of sold out theaters later in the week. Can I talk about me for a minute? Of course I can its my fucking blog. I went to the doctor yesterday. I have bronchitis and laryngitis. Thanks God, your an asshole. I am taking drugs and am supposed to get better, but right now my voice sounds like shit. The good news for me anyway is I placed 1st tonight. Um God..I'm sorry I called you an asshole. The points are really close I think half a point or so between 1st and 5th. Time for more antibiotics.

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