Friday, November 5, 2004

Im two days into the comedy contest. 6th place and 2nd place so far if anyone besides my wife cares. She only cares because I told her this year if you make the semi-finals you get ONE MILLION DOLLARS! I like everyone in the contest except one person. Ok two counting myself. I like Jen Kober a lot. Jen took first place both nights with two powerhouse sets. Her voice sounds amazingly similar to Ralphie May's. If you close your eyes when she's on stage its almost spooky. Of course Jen isn't pretending to be black which is a welcome difference. Speaking of actual black people it was good to see Ty Barnett(Tyrone when I started comedy) do some guest sets after the shows. He had a lot of great stuff I'd never heard before. He's been on TV a lot and is pretty big time now and he totally deserves it. My pal Geoff B. placed 4th the first night, and although he didn't crack the top 5 tonight in Kent, he had another great set. Totally relaxed and totally pro onstage. Offstage? Well you know.

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