Tuesday, November 9, 2004


Well the first week of the contest is over. 2nd place thanks for asking. 1st place among comics from Olympia. The semi-finals start next Tuesday, then I can really start obsessing. Obviously I am happy to be advancing, but it was a mild disappointment that I had my worst placing of the week during so called "Industry Night." Im not sure how I feel about the person from NBC and the person from the Just For Laughs Festival liking me less then the Karaoke DJ who judged in Kent. Whatever. John Fox the booking agent and producer of the contest was also a judge. I had this paranoia about him giving me all 2's on his score sheet, in hopes that I would be available to feature for him in Pasco next week. Overall it was a fun week. Everyone was nice and most were funny. Pat Mac hooked me up with a guest set at the Boise Funnybone tomorrow as well as a nice hotel room using his employee discount. Pat Mac rules. Winnemucca and Elko Nevada this weekend. Back to reality. No more 5 minute contest sets either. I have to be on stage for 55 more minutes starting Thursday. Comedy rules.

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