Monday, November 22, 2004

Last show of the semi-finals was tonight in Bellingham. Some of us are happy some are sad. I took 2nd place tonight. 1st overall for the week, which doesn't really mean anything, but its a nice confidence booster heading into the finals. Just in case anyone is reading this before the results are posted elsewhere the top 5 for the week are. Me,Jen Kober,Tony Boswell,Vic Luppucci,and Joe Klocek. In the heartbreak category Dan Anic finished 6th 12/100ths of a point out of 5th place or something ridiculous like that. That was me two years ago. I got 6th place overall and just missed the finals. That was a long ass ride home from Bellingham. Its all math in the end. Kevin Shea who was I believe in 7th place overall before tonight, actually won tonights show, but still finished out of the top 5 overall. We had 6 different 1st place winners in 6 shows. There are some funny people who are not in this competition anymore. You have to be funny and lucky to move on. Thank you goodnight.

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