Monday, November 1, 2004


The Seattle International(couple of Canadians)Comedy Competition starts on Wednesday. I'll be there, and I already sort of regret it. Comedy competitions blow. The person that deserves to win always seems to do ok, everything below that is a crapshoot. I dont like the whole idea of it, I dont like watching other comics perform and thinking "Did I get better laughs then that?" I also don't feeling any sort of satisfaction when I see another comic struggle, which is too bad because we'll be in Moses Lake on Friday. Oh well, I knew what I was getting into when I signed up. I was in it two years ago. They don't just give away 6th place you know. This year I hope I don't get sick. I was feverish and my throat was in bad shape last time. I read on the internet that if you drink olive oil right before you perform it will coat your throat and and your speaking voice will be restored. It worked for about 10 seconds. It also is the most godawful thing I have ever tasted. I almost puked about 30 seconds before I went on stage. Fucking internet. This year my pipes are in working order, I've got my five minute chunk of funny ready, and Fahim isn't in the contest. Things are looking up

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