Saturday, November 13, 2004



My AOL account does not have a number for Elko so I am forced to make this entry from the Holiday Inn across the street, that has internet access in the lobby. Thanks Holiday Inn, and thanks for the cookies I've been stealing too. Thursday I did a guest set at the Boise Funnybone(thanks Pat Mac)and it looks like I will be working there late spring. I made the mistake of sending Lisa at the Funnybone a tape when I had been doing comedy about 1 year. In hindsight the tape sucked, and its taken me three years to dig out of that hole and finally get in. Never send a tape to early kids. The Boise Funnybone is a kick ass club by the way. A little bit better then the Lounge at the High Desert Inn where I'll be working tonight. Last nights show was alright. I did about an hour and 15 minutes for some unknown reason. Here's a newish joke that tanked last night enjoy.

I used to work in a mexican restaraunt. We had to listen to this horrible CD all day of crappy American songs translated into Spanish. I had to listen to Billy Ray Cyrus's Achy Breaky Heart in Spanish about 10 times a day. I did learn though, in the Spanish language there is no word for mullet. I asked the Mexican guys working there
(me) "What would you call a guy who had really short hair on top, really long in the back?"
(mexican guy) "Um, retarded"

The joke probably would have done better if there weren't 5 people in the room who had mullets. One of them was a women by the way.

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