Saturday, November 27, 2004

Well I think most everyone who reads this blog knows how the contest is going, but I will update anyway. Wednesday night at the Tacoma Comedy Underground the scores for everyone were again insanely close. Tony Boswell and I tied for 1st place. Nobody was very far behind. My voice was in a little better condition still not great. The cloud of smoke hovering in the room didn't help much either. Tonight, Friday night we were at the Kirkland Performance Theater. Amazing show and an amazing venue. 400 people right on top and in front of you. Great sound too. Voice is still not close to 100% but I guess it doesn't matter, I still had a good show and was fortunate enough to take 1st place for the night. The scores are still way tighter then I would like them to be, but oh well. Its 5 great comics. Maybe they say that every year, but no shit they are all great. I got to watch from the back of the room tonight and I'll be damned if it wasn't an entertaining show. 3 shows left.

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