Friday, December 24, 2004

I did a show in Oly last night. 5 minutes from my house, a rare treat for an Olympia comic. The Bar Code in Olympia, have you been there? You probably will if your a comedian who isn't currently fighting with Terry Taylor. The show was decent. Really it went about as well as a show in a bar with a mechanical bull could go. Joe Larson was the opener. Joe is a good comic, almost every joke he has is what I would consider "TV quality." Clean and funny ain't easy. Just ask Blaine. Or Brian Regan, if you have his email address. We had a guest set too. I forget his name. He lives in LA, home to Oly for the holidays. He was ok. He sounded very "LA." Comics from LA sound like it. If comedy was music you'd say they had a very "LA sound." Not me I have an "Olympia sound."

List of Olympia comics
Gabriel Rutledge
Mike Wally Walter
Roger Peltz
Paul Currington
Ruben something
A woman I met at open mic who works in a hair salon, but I can't remember her name.
Jeff Black

Yeah top that Seattle! You wanna take on that list? Name the time and place, and prepare for an ass kicking!

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