Monday, January 17, 2005

Happy Birthday

I had a pretty good time headlining for the first time at the Seattle Comedy Underground this weekend. Tried some new stuff, some worked some didn't. You know what always works though? Making fun of drunk people. I'd like to give a blog shout out to my wife Kristi. It's her 31st birthday today. That's really hard to believe. We got married when we were 23 starting dating when we were 19. Thats 12 years together. Most of them really good. We met in 5th grade when I moved to Olympia. Once in 5th grade she had to kiss me during a game of Truth or Dare. That's a cute story until you realize I was such a huge dork someone dared her to kiss me. Kiss Gabe! Ewwww! We started dating after high school after I dared her to give me a handjob. Happy Birthday Kristi, I love you.

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