Sunday, January 23, 2005


Relief workers in Southeast Asia received a huge boost today thanks to a 77cent donation by Olympia Washington resident Gabriel Rutledge. The donation took place in an Olympia Safeway store, where witnesses say after purchasing diapers, a package of Rolo's, and the magazine US Weekly, Rutledge dropped his change into a jar marked "Tsunami Relief." "I was trying really hard not to cry, it was really emotional" said Safeway Checkout Clerk Sue Johansson. "I wanted to thank him, but he didn't use his Safeway card, so I didn't know his last name. Its to bad too, cause he could have saved $1.05 on those diapers." After numerous interview requests from the media, Rutledge released the following statement. "When my total came to $14.23 I realized I was going to get 77cents back. At first I was thinking about getting three of those Safeway soda's out of the machine. Then I saw that "Tsunami Relief" jar. Then I thought, Man, a Safeway Select Cola would probably taste a lot better if you'd just lost most of your family members in natural disaster. So I just threw the money in there. I am not a hero, but I am the winner of the 2004 Seattle International Comedy Competition, so if you could mention that it would be awesome."

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