Monday, January 10, 2005

Vacaion without the VD

I had a show in Crescent City, CA on Saturday. Part of I-5 was closed in Oregon so I had to cut over to 101 and dodge wind, rain, and Elk for a few unplanned hours. One of the comics was Jackie Kashian. She had a 1/2 hour Comedy Central Special, maybe you've seen it. Her last name is pronounced like vacation with out the va. I was MC'ing and I messed her name up introducing her both shows. Bad host. She told me it was Kashion like Vacation, but on stage all I could remember was it sounded something like "sandwich" Yeah I guess like Kasandwich. Im dumb. If there is any comedy karma I'll be introduced as "Gabrielle" next show I do. The show was in a cleared out bingo hall in a casino. Every 10 minutes or so, whoever was on stage would be drowned out by the sound of hail on the metal roof. Or as I prefer to call it, Nature's laughter.

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