Wednesday, February 9, 2005

February 9th is the first day of the Chinese New Year. You know what they say about Chinese Years though...after three months your already hungry for a new one. RIMSHOT!

I did an interview on a local AM station here in Olympia today, to promote my upcoming show at the Lucky Eagle Casino. The morning guy at the station has been working there for 38 years. Yeah top that Howard Stern. 38 years in the 20th largest market in Washington State. He didn't want me tell any jokes. He practically begged me not to do any material. I think he was afraid I'd show him my nipple, and the FCC would shut him down. I didn't do any material. I did try and be funny occasionally, but really it was a pretty boring interview. Oh well, the only reason I got on the show was my neighbor Ila went to high school with the radio guy, and she called him and asked if he wanted to interview me. Living in Olympia is like living in Mayberry sometimes. Except if the Andy Griffith show was in Olympia, Andy and Barney Fife would work for the State, and Aunt Bee would be a lesbian.

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