Saturday, February 19, 2005

I spent a rare Friday night home with my lovely wife last night. We did what all happily married couples do with a rare Friday night together; watched TV. One of my favorite shows, Bill Maher's "Real Time" on HBO, was made almost unwatchable because Robin Williams was one of the guests. He constantly interrupted everyone, to say nothing, and just generally wouldn't shut up. I hate to be one of those snooty comics who complains about famous comics. Really, I have nothing against Carrot Top, and Im sure all the "Blue Collar Comedy" guys are wonderful human beings. But Robin Williams is fucking annoying. I've heard stories of course that he is and was, a huge thief. That he stole so much material from other comics that in the 80's you could supposedly call his manager up and say Robin stole a bit from you, and he would cut you a check no questions asked. I've also heard that in Vancouver when Robin walks into the club comics will walk off stage, because they don't want to do any jokes in front of him. I don't know if any of these things are true. These are just rumors and gossip that I am happy to spread. Robin Williams is actually a good lesson for comics. Sometimes it doesn't matter what you say. Its the presentation not the content. If you talk really fast in a unidentifiable foreign accent, while you run around the room, people will think you are funny and they will laugh. Especially if you were in "Good Will Hunting." I actually don't hate his stand up. He did a HBO special a few years ago that was crappy to mediocre, but I didn't hate it. If you want to see a really bad HBO special watch Jamie Foxx. Wow, good thing he can act. The only reason I ended up hating Robin Williams HBO special is people kept telling me how brilliant they thought it was. He closes on a bit where he chews his arm to simulate oral sex with a woman. Yeah if you think that's brilliant you should go to an open mike in Tacoma. Mostly I don't like Robin Williams on talk shows. He always ends up running around the room saying things like "Right now there's a guy in Iowa going, Marge get the holy water, this guys possessed by the devil." Ok enough about Robin Williams lets talk some more shit about Jamie Foxx. Jamie Foxx I actually enjoy on talk shows, he is usually funny and is very likable. He is also apparently a very good actor, although the last thing I saw him in was "Booty Call." Jamie Fox's stand up makes me cringe. Maybe its because I am a cracker. On his HBO special he did a bit about how when he went to Africa to film "Ali" he was in a cab with an African guy who smelled funky. Then Jamie realized the African guy thought he smelled funky, cause of his cologne and soap smell. He also did a bit about how everywhere he went in Africa he saw people who looked like people he knew at home in America. Both of those bits were done a lot better by a man named Richard Pryor. I'm not saying Jamie Foxx stole those bits, I'm just saying if a cracker named Gabriel knows those bits are Richard Pryors, so should Jamie Foxx.Man I am feeling petty today.

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