Saturday, March 19, 2005

Totally innappropriate thought of the day.
After 2 1/2 years of observation I've decided I don't think my son is going to be gay, but if he is he'll definitely be a top.

I starting to worry my expectations are to low for my son. I know parents(white parents) who make there kids watch cartoons in Spanish, so they can be bi-lingual. I know parents who think their kids will be professional athletes. I know parents who already have colleges and careers picked out for their toddlers. I on the other hand often say things like " I hope Johnny doesn't knock some girl up in high school." Or. "I don't mind if Johnny does drugs when he's older, I just hope he doesn't deal drugs."It's not that I don't care. I hope he does go to college. I hope he is wildly successful in life. I will encourage him in whatever he does. I'll probably even tell him the same bullshit about life I was told. "You can do whatever you want in life, if you work hard." Really my dream for my son, is that he is normal. Whatever that is. I don't want him to be the dumbest kid in his class, I just don't care if he's the smartest. I don't want him to be the worst kid on his little league team, I just don't care if he's the best. I would be happy if he has nice little achievable dreams. Not like his dad. Since I graduated from high school I have been a musician and a comedian. I hope Johnny makes easier choices. The other day at my mother in laws house, Johnny had one of his toy cars turned over and was playing with the tires. My mother-in-law said "He loves cars, maybe when he's older he'll be an engineer, maybe he'll design cars for a living." I just smiled and nodded, cause in my head I was thinking "Yeah or maybe he'll work at Les Schwab."

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