Wednesday, May 18, 2005

As I type this I am hiding in the office. One of my wife's play groups is here for one of my son's three scheduled birthday parties for this week. I think I'm supposed to be at work right now like a normal husband, but instead I am the only man in a house with 7 women and 11 toddlers. I feel like a Mormon. Or David Koresh. Johnny Rutledge is going to be 3 on May 20th. Or as my Mexican friends say, Veinte de Mayo!Feliz Cumpleanos Juanito! Like all annoying breeders I find myself saying things like. "I can't believe he's 3 already." and "Wow it goes so fast." and "Let's never have another child." It has been amazing watching as a 6lb 5oz newborn alien, slowly turned into a walking talking human. Who still shits his pants. Well you guys have been fun. Before I get out of here, I guess I'll leave you with this.On Sunday Johnny walked into the living room where my wife was watching an episode of the Showtime hit "The L Word" On the screen there were two naked lesbians engaged in what lesbians like to call "sex", and what soccer mom's like to call "Something I did in college once, and Bob doesn't know about it."Johnny looked at the screen for about 5 seconds and then said. "I've never liked this movie."

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