Tuesday, May 24, 2005

You never know who is going to call

Guess who just called me? Nope. It was Eddie Brill comedian, and comedian booker for the Late Show with David Letterman. Before you get to excited, no I am not going to be on Letterman. Eddie did talk to me about my tape, and what he's looking for when he looks at a tape. His overall comment was that I was funny, but it was really nothing he hadn't seen before. Also everything on the tape was basically the same theme. Mix up the topics have more then one theme. I found this comment to be interesting because the reason I sent a tape with mostly the same theme was because I thought that is what TV people wanted. Guess not. Also no drug references on TV. Even if you are not talking about taking drugs yourself, just the mention of drugs is a no no. At least on Letterman. He also said holding and toying with the mic stand while on stage makes me appear insecure and nervous. I'll have to think about that one. I don't think anyone who see's me live would ever say I appeared insecure and nervous. Then again it's not that big a deal to stick the mic stand behind me. He also said now that I know more about what he is looking for, feel free to send him another tape in the future. It was really cool of him to call. He could have just thrown the tape away, instead he watched it and called me with constructive criticism. That is awesome. Here's the amazing thing. I sent that tape 10 days ago. Yeah, the guy from Letterman can watch a tape and call me 7 days after he gets it, but the guy from "The Looney Bin Comedy Club" in Littlerock Arkansas, is a little backed up so call him in a few months. By the way last week I got turned down by the "The Tonight Show" too. That was only a form letter though.

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