Monday, June 13, 2005


A comic who's name I can't remember had a joke that was something along the lines of "You know you are getting old when your back hurts because you slept wrong." I must be old. The comedy condo bed here in Colorado Springs is not made for anyone over 30. I think I'm going to have to get the MC to tie my shoes today. I'm already sharing a room with the MC, so we're close like that. The MC's name is Eddie Tafoya. He is a Professor in New Mexico, and a respected member of society. Dr. Tafoya teaches classes about stand up comedy at his college. He shows the class videos of Chris Rock and say's "Yes this will be on the test."Eddie also likes to say things like "If you break down Richard Pryor's Live at the Sunset Strip album I think it's right up there with Moby Dick or any other great American Literature." He also likes to say "Stand up comedy is the battle between your conscious mind and the id." Yeah I didn't know what the id (pronounced like lid) was either, so I asked. Apparently the "id" is your animal instincts, the part of you that likes to eat and have sex. If there were such a thing as "id" reduction surgery I think I would have it. I like to argue with Dr. Tafoya about comedy. Yesterday at lunch when he started singing the praises of Jerry Seinfeld,I told him I think the best comics are the comics that the audience feels like they know personally when the show is over. So even though Jerry Seinfeld might be a genius, he's still not one of my favorite comics. That was a fun lunch. It's nice to talk about comedy like it matters, like it is a respected art form. Like George Carlin is Van Gogh, and Bill Cosby is another famous painter who I can't think of. It's nice to think of ourselves as artists, but at the end of the day we still go on stage and entertain drunk people by talking about poop and genitals. But, maybe that's just my "id" talking.

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