Monday, June 6, 2005

[Jun. 6th, 200501:17 pm]
I just got back from a fun filled weekend in Pasco and Spokane. It's good to be home and have internet access. I had no online fun in Pasco because the room the Crazy Moose Casino puts the comedians in has no phone, or phone line. Or microwave or refrigerator or hope, for that matter. Doing the shows at night felt like work release. This trip was a good reminder that sometimes comedy is just a job. Quick reviewThursday. The show started with about 11 audience members. At least they were a fun 11. 8 of them were originally from Laos. In the course of the 50 or so minutes I was on stage I think I made a joke about every Asian stereotype there is. I didn't start off that way, but it was the only thing they would laugh at. Favorite line of the night "Anyone from Laos? Hey, I got a boat ride home!"Towards the end of the show about 5 more people came in and the show derailed I didn't even tell a joke the last 10 minutes of the show. Friday. 9 peopleSaturday 1st show. 4 people. At this point I should mention that not only is the comedy show free at the Crazy Moose, but they give you free pizza! If you will sit and watch a comedian they will give you free food, and still only 4 people.Saturday 2nd show. Our big show of the week 20 people. Favorite moment. When I asked what someone was talking about on their cell phone and they said. "Oh the Red Lion Hotel is on fire and our kids are there. We told them to call back if they see smoke."Sunday was at Good Tymes(that how they spell it) in Spokane. For my money Spokane audiences are the most consistently rude audiences around. I have had some good shows in Spokane, you know cause I'm awesome, but generally speaking people in Spokane like to yell shit. Half the room ignored me, and half the room enjoyed the show when I was on stage. I have run into an interesting problem the last few months. I have some newer material that has a little fun flipping black and white stereotypes Here's a sample "I don't know about you guys but I am sick and tired of seeing black teenagers walking around trying to act like their white. You've seen them, hanging out in the mall wearing their pants that fit." I also have a newish bit which is basically about how I think Mexican music is shitty. Last night in Spokane I did those bits and then did a joke where I made fun of myself. A guy in the audience says "Oh I guess your not racist, you just make fun of everybody." Ok that bothers me. First of all I think anyone who listens to my act and thinks in anyway I might be racist is a moron. I guess what bothers me is I don't even want moron's to think I'm racist. It's not my first incident either. A few weeks ago in Bellingham an audience member yelled out something incredibly racist. I told him to fuck off, and then had to dig out of that hole for 15 minutes. What bothered me the most about it, is I think the guy thought I would think the racist comment was funny. Because I had talked about black people and Mexicans on stage he thought I was on the same team as him. One of the things I really like about talking about race on stage as a white man, is it makes people uncomfortable, and then laughter released that tension. It is also interesting to note that the more black people that are in the room the better my bit about black people does. In Albuquerque in front of a 75% latino audience my material about Mexican music killed. It's only been white people that don't get it, and I'm not going to dumb my material down for a couple of mouth breathing crackers.

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