Sunday, August 28, 2005

I haven't had a show since August 20th and I won't until September 3rd. I guess you could call it a vacation but really I just wasn't able to book anything. That's all right I could use the break. Sometimes comedy is just like any other job. At least any other job where you work one hour a day and are encouraged to drink heavily during that hour. The last shows I did at the Brickwall Comedy Club in Spokane the drinking pressure was ridiculous. People sent so many shots of alcohol to the stage that the bartender took pity on me and started giving me fake shots. I wonder if Seinfield ever asks a crowd to stop buying him drinks while they yell "Drink it Pussy!" at him. All the Spokane shows were good except the second show Saturday night. There were only about 20 or so people there scattered across the room. It was the normal drunk, loud, and stupid that comics deal with during the second show. Then during a quiet moment the man in a cowboy hat seated directly in front of the stage..farted. Really loud. Everyone heard him, and everyone laughed, because farting is funny. So write it down. On August 20th at approximately 11:45pm, I was heckled by an actual asshole.In Rutledge family news, we've been busy spending the money we got when my wife's Aunt Bee died. That's been depressing. The good news is we are debt free. The bad news is we could have bought a lot of cool shit with all the money we just paid to VISA. I shouldn't bitch. At our previous rate of paying the minimum balance on the credit cards every month, we would have paid our debt off...never. We did buy one luxury item though; Air Conditioning. It was expensive, but it was worth it. Every time I don't hear my wife complain about how hot it is, it will be worth it. Next summers forecast? 68 degrees in my house, all summer long.

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