Wednesday, August 17, 2005

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAHIf you are planning a trip to Utah here are some fun facts that I have learned on my trip.
1. The beer here only has 3.2% alcohol. It's kind of like O'Douls with a kick. You have to go to Wyoming to get the good stuff.
2. Bars that serve liquor are considered "private clubs" here. You have to become a member to drink there. It only cost $4 for 6 months or something like that, but it's a little odd. The comedy club I'm working only serves beer. Although only 30-40% of the patrons actually drink. It's the only club I've worked that has a two soda minimum.
3. People in Utah like to use substitute swear words. You hear a lot of Friggins! and Freck! and Fudge! It sounds like a movie on the USA Network.
4. The Mormon church is divided up kind of like a school district in Salt Lake City. They have different sections. Were you live determines what "Ward" you are in. Every Ward has their own church I guess.
5. They have Mexicans here. They have their own section too.
6. Just like every other place in the country there are small children with their parents, eating at Denny's at 1:00 in the morning.
7. Not everyone here is Mormon, but a friggin lot of them are.Call your travel agent.

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