Friday, September 9, 2005

SUNNYVALE CALIFORNIALast week in Eugene Oregon a guy threw a fork at me while I was on stage. When he threw it he said "Thats not right! You can't say that." I had just done a joke about a chihuahua so you can understand his anger. I tried to save the fork, but the bartender took it when I wasn't looking.I have a new standard for judging shows now. "How was the show?""Well it wasn't fork bad."I listened to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on the radio yesterday on my 10 hour car trip. Anger is even better then coffee for staying awake. You know what I learned from Mr. Limbaugh and Mr Hannity? Hurricane Katrina wasn't that bad. Yeah apparently the news has only been reporting the "bad" parts of the worst natural disaster in American history. Not all of New Orleans is under water you know. Also not that many people were raped or killed or starved to death in the Superdome. Its really not fair of the media to only focus on the fact that it took the National Guard 4 days to get there while people starved to death and shit on the floor. Yeah there are a lot of feel good stories that the "Liberal Media" isn't showing you. Yeah apparently everyone in Iowa is fine. You won't hear that on CNN.I wonder if the week after 9/11 conservative radio hosts went on the air and pointed out that only a few tall buildings and one wing of the Pentagon were damaged. I wonder if Rush was on the air saying that "most of the people got out of the World Trade Center before it collapsed you know." Of course he didn't, because it would have been considered un-american and disrespectful to everyone that suffered in the tragedy. Just like it should be now.If you happen to run into Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity, throw a fork at them.

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