Friday, November 25, 2005

So when some asshole wing nut went crazy and starting shooting in the Tacoma Mall last week, he shot someone I know named Dan McKown. I haven't talked to him in a few years, but I know him. Last I heard he was upgraded from critical to serious condition, but was still paralyzed. When I had been doing stand up comedy for 6 months or so, Dan approached me about being a writer in a comedy magazine he was starting called Tyrade Magazine. He had manic energy, a wrinkly suit, and big dreams. He told me a lot of stuff that seemed to good to be true, and eventually it was. He later tried getting an Improv comedy TV show together, but nothing ever came of that either. I have always admired his passion and his willingness to try though. Most people sit around and wait for something amazing to fall into their lap. Dan is not one of those people. Dan is a deeply religious man, which I am not, but that never seemed to bother him. I also knew he carried a firearm with him. According to witnesses he pulled a gun on the shooter, but was shot 3 times before he got a shot off. They are having a comedy show fundraiser for Dan at Area 51 in Tacoma on Monday. I was asked to perform, and I gladly would have, but I will be in Hawaii with my family. I always feel fortunate to love and be loved by my family, but this week even more so. According to the news, doctors have said Dan will probably be permanently paralyzed. I hope thats not true.

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