Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Starting tomorrow I will be hosting the semi-final week of the Seattle International Comedy Competition. It will be nice to be a part of the contest without being judged. Except by the 10 contestants back stage thinking "I could have beat this guy."Of course at the conclusion of the last show in the competition I will be there for the crowning ceremony, where I come on stage(riding a white horse) and take the crown off my head and place it on the head of the new champion. And then I sing "We are the Champions" by Queen. Afterwords I sell CD's in the lobby. I recorded my DVD on Saturday. It ended up being a huge fiasco involving pissed off waitresses and dead microphone cords, but the show was sold out, and I think the DVD will be good. Unfortunately thanks to a court order I am no longer allowed within 500 feet of The Comedy Underground. I measure my comedy years from November to November because thats when I started going to open mic 5 years ago. This year has been a really good one. I won the contest, worked a bunch of new clubs, and moved my family from desperately poor, to just poor. Maybe next year I can be lower middle class.I should dream bigger.

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