Friday, January 20, 2006

I'm here at the fabulous Sands Casino here in Reno Nevada. Tonight I had a guy at the show who liked to point out to the audience why my jokes where funny.
Me "You feel like a loser when you watch daytime TV. Judging from the commercials everyone watching is a fat, bald, unemployed, drug addict, with erectile dysfunction and a gambling problem. And I resent that because I'm watching and I'm not....bald.

Guy " Yeah but you're all those other things!"

Me "I think all those sex theme drinks they sell at bars are dumb. I mean sex on the beach... that rarely happens in Nevada."

Guy "Yeah cause we don't have any beaches!"

I wrote Jeff Foxworthy a couple of you might be a redneck jokes even though he didn't ask me too.
"If you've ever tipped a stripper with might be a redneck." "If you've ever gone to a Jeff Foxworthy might be a redneck."

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