Sunday, January 22, 2006

I've been growing a beard for about three weeks now. I grow facial hair very quickly. My butt and back aren't too far behind either. I think in the gay community I'm what is referred to as a "Bear." In the straight community I'm what is referred to as "Hairy" or "gross." I don't care, I'm not going to wax my chest like some metro sexual frat-boy. All that hair growing testosterone is a bit of a waste on my personality though. I have the hair of a logger and the personality of I've never changed my oil, I suck with tools of any kind, I know light blue is not a good color on me, and I drive a Kia. If it wasn't for a moderate interest in sports and a more then moderate interest in vagina, I might wonder myself. My son seems like he's going to be a lot more manly then me. He loves tools,cars, trucks, and construction stuff. My wife bought him a doll to try and even him out a little bit. Now the only purpose the doll has is to be run over and mauled by tools,cars, trucks, and construction stuff. His latest interest is Monster Trucks. His favorite is called the Gravedigger. It's pretty funny to hear a three year old say "Gravedigger" in his best Monster Truck voice. My three year old boy is already a lot more man then his daddy is. Well almost. I still have a lot more chest hair then he does.

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