Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I'm working at the brand new Lone Star Comedy Club here in Amarillo. You can tell it's brand new because there were 8 people at the show last night.Yesterday my flight from Seattle to Denver was normal, but from Denver to Amarillo I was on a 16 seat plane. One seat on each sign of the aisle. A very nice lady came out and read the safety intructions and then went in the cockpit and flew the plane. She also helped with the bags. I think there have been some budget cuts at Great Lakes Airlines. Last week I was at one of my fav clubs Atlantic Theaters Comedy Club in Atlantic Beach Florida. The club is beautiful. You get picked up from the airport in a Lincoln Town Car. And the hotel is a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. Last time I was there I ended up using poor judgement and going to a party at someones house who I just met from the show. It turned out cool though. I met a guy named Lex. He is half of the Lex and Terry radio show that is huge in Jacksonville Florida and is sydicated in 25 other cities and is on XM radio. So this time through I got to be on the show. 2 1/2 hours actually. It was very cool and very generous of Lex. Monday's guest was Carlos Mencia. Friday was Gabriel Rutledge. I rule.

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