Friday, March 31, 2006

Hey kids. Just got home from doing a show for the cafeteria employees of some medical group. Yeah it was a luau too, did I mention that? Yes it was a little slice of Hawaii right in Bremerton Washington, in the back of a pizza restaurant, in the Kmart parking lot. Kind of a rough show. Maybe I shouldn't have opened with "Thanks for not wearing your hair nets." It wasn't a horrible show, but it was the kind of night where about 5 people came up to me afterword to tell me "Hey I thought you were funny." Yeah as in no one else did. Earlier this month I did a fundraiser for a girls basketball team that went great. Apparently parents of girl athletes are much more my demographic then cafeteria workers. Of course thats why I got into comedy 5 years ago, so someday I could help raise money for new uniforms for the girls basketball team. I'm making America better one dick joke at a time. Your welcome.

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