Tuesday, April 4, 2006

My son is a big Curious George fan. Not just because of the new movie either he's an old school George fan. Seriously he's had a tattoo of the man with the yellow hat since he was 2. We have an old book of Curious George stories we read before bed. Most of the stories I remember a little from my childhood, but when I was a kid I had no idea how fucked up they were. Here are a few examples. At one point George accidentally calls the fire dept and is so ashamed he "wished he was dead" and then goes to jail for his crime. He also breaks his arm, almost suffocates an ostrich with a trumpet. Not to mention the reason George came to live in the city in the first place, was because the man in the yellow hat stuffed him into a bag and took him back on the ship. My personal favorite though is when George is at the hospital and gets into the Ether and ends up getting high and stumbling around until he passes out. They had to throw him into the shower to wake him up. How come that wasn't in the new movie.

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