Thursday, July 20, 2006


Its a good thing I promised myself I wasn't going to blog about shitty shows anymore, because last nights show was rough. Thank god I don't do that kind of blog anymore. Otherwise I'd probably have a big,long,annoying,self-pity rant about how I bombed horribly in front of an audience of 15 people that included my neighbors and my wife, and how i got in trouble from the casino for questionable material, and how the booker called me the next day to find out what happened, and how this soul crushing, life choice re-evaluating show happened to take place on the night of my 9th anniversary. Yeah happy anniversary honey you get to watch me bomb for an hour then sulk and complain the rest of the night how romantic. Yeah good thing I don't blog like that anymore. Oh, I forgot to mention I had a really bad chest cold.I actually hadn't really bombed in a long time I guess I was due. It's amazing how one bad night can make you forget about 20 good nights. Oh well I guess the silver lining is sometimes it's good to be reminded I'm not always as awesome as I think I am. Now I need a good show to remind me I'm not as bad as I think I am. I'll leave with a parenting tip. Don't let your 4 year old son watch a Discovery Channel show about spitting cobra's unless you want everything you own to be covered in toddler spittle.

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