Thursday, August 17, 2006

The most embarrassing thing to buy at the grocery store is a toilet plunger. I now know this because while staying in Spokane at the comedy condo I had to go buy one. Maybe I should have bought something else with the plunger so it would be less embarrassing. You know like condoms, vegetable oil, and Teen Beat magazine. When I purchased the plunger this is what the checker said to me. "Hey, how are you doing toni...oh never mind." I should have asked for a bag too, because I had to take the long walk of shame with my plunger to the car past some hot 20something girls. They looked at me like I was a pedophile. I was tempted to hit on them. "Hey ladies wanna come over to my house.? You should be able to use the bathroom in about 30 minutes." I left the plunger at the comedy condo, so to any comics who use it in the future..Your welcome. Also while you're there don't use the black towel or the spatula. Don't ask why just don't. Also to my roommates at the Spokane condo. Mike Wally, sorry you had to pee outside while I was at the store. Kris Brennon, sorry about your black towel. After I told my wife my sad plunger story, she reminded me of my brother-in-laws story. He was staying at a hotel and had to call the front desk to bring one up. It didn't work so eventually a hotel maintenance guy had to come up and snake out the toilet. My brother in law was so embarrassed he tried to make small talk with the guy.. Unfortunately he's not good at small talk because he said. "I bet you see a lot of weird stuff doing this job huh?" The guy didn't even answer. I'm gonna start shitting in the yard.

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