Thursday, September 21, 2006

Well my preliminary week of the San Francisco comedy competition is over. I go back next week for the semi-finals.I got 2nd overall in my week, although the placing doesn't mean anything. Top 5 from the week go to the semi's and the scores start over. Top 5 for the week were 1. Leo Flowers(LA) 2. Me(olympia) 3.Carlos Kotkin(LA) 4.Leif Skyving(Boise) 5. Blake Bard(Salt Lake City) We'll be competing against the Top 5 from the week competing right now in San Fran. I was never in too much danger during my week, so I had about as much fun as you can have in a comedy contest, which isn't very much. I did do one dumb thing. At one show I went 8 seconds over the time limit and was penalized half a point. I finished 5th that night, but it would have been 1st without the penalty. Bad Gabriel, don't do that next week.

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