Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Well at least I won the Seattle contest.

So I didn't make the finals in the San Francisco Comedy contest. Lots of reasons for this I guess. 9 other really funny comics also in the semi's for starters. And of course there were nights when I felt I could or should have been judged higher, but really I don't have a good explanation for what exactly went wrong. It just wasn't meant to be. The first round spoiled me I guess. I was in the top 5 every show and 2nd overall after the first week. Semi's week I finished 9th overall. And everyone I finished ahead of the prelim week, finished ahead of me the semi-final week. Fuck if I know why. Judging from the venues we did I think I can safely say extremely wealthy, liberal white people are not my ideal demographic. Oh well. I am disappointed of course, but I'm all right. I got to perform at a lot of great venues in front of a lot of people. Actually a new personal best of 1600 people at the Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa. I got 7th that night so I was actually a little bummed after the show. Thats how contests can mess with your head. I performed in a beautiful theater in front of 1600 people, yet in some ways I had a lot more fun tonight performing for 15 people in a bar in Tacoma. Thats retarded.

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