Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I know I've vented about this before but Robin Williams on stage is absolutely unwatchable. I watched some of the Comic Relief show on HBO and I was reminded of how annoying he is. Whoopie and Billy Crystal were not funny either, but Robin Williams is an such an overbearing stage whore. He won't shut the fuck up. Ever. People who were around and paying attention in the Late 70's, back when Robin was an unknown comic, say he was something special to watch. They also say he stoled a lot of other comics acts. If you are not a comic you may not realize what "stealing" in the stand up comedy world is. All comics pretty much share the same premises. There are only so many to go around. You may see 3 different comics on the same show use the same premise. Maybe they'll all do jokes about meth labs or whatever. I have one of those. That doesn't mean any of those comics are "stealing" Thats just sharing a premise. Stealing is when you take the premise and use word for word, line for line, idea for idea, someone elses jokes. Sometimes new comics get a little confused about this. I've had open mic guys tell me they were sorry because they had been doing a meth lab bit, and they didn't know I had one so they wouldn't do it anymore. That's retarded. I worked with one comic who word for word did a bunch of Dave Attell bits. Thats stealing. He didn't even get laughs with them, which is the sad part. Lots of famous successful type comics supposedly steal. Robin Williams, Denis Leary, Jay Mohr, Carlos Mencia, Dane Cook to name a few. Supposedly back in the day you could call Robin Williams manager and tell him Robin took one of your bits, and he'd write you a check no questions asked. That sounds a little exaggerated to me, but I wasn't there. Denis Leary has a bunch of stuff that Bill Hicks did better and first. Jay Mohr admitted in his shitty book that I read that he stoled a bit from Rick Shapiro and turned it into a SNL skit. Carlos Mencia actually got sued by George Lopez for stealing. I've seen George Lopez talk about it in an interview. He said 17 minutes of Carlos Mencias first HBO special were word for word his. Dane Cook has some stuff that is pretty similar to Louie C.K. Maybe people only notice you stealing if you get famous. I don't even remember the guys name who used the Dave Attell bits. Speaking of getting famous my old Seattle Comedy Competition friend Jen Kober is blowin up. She was runner up in the Myspace Seirra Mist contest thing that was on TBS. I think she's also going to be on Showtime this year. And probably a whole bunch of other cool shit in the near future. I wish her well. She's super cool, and an absolute force of nature on stage. I hope she gets REALLY huge. Then I could be like Bill Farley. He's the guy that beat Robin Williams in the San Francisco comedy competition in 1976. Maybe 10 years from now I can be the guy that no one can believe beat Jen Kober in the 2004 Seattle Comedy Competition. Hopefully 10 years from now I won't still be doing that meth lab joke.

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